Anonymous asked "So the pictures we use don't have to be photographed by ourselves right?
Because I made image quotes before and I kind of wanted to submit something but I'm not such a great photographer.
But I can still make one even if it's not my own picture right? :D"
Posted 4 years ago

Hey :) This is kind of a tricky question, because of copyright issues and all that. The quick answer to your question is “yes” - just be very careful about where you get the image and make sure you put the link for where you got it.

From my experience, it’s not a good idea to edit images that come directly off Flickr accounts, so I tend to avoid that. I use stock image sites or to find images. Many times the poster will specify whether the image came from flickr or not.

So feel free to send, but just remember to be careful and use your best judgment about when you should use others images or not :) And if they give you permission, always make sure to cite where you got the image - always.

submitted by cookiesandmilkshake

submitted by cookiesandmilkshake

Posted 4 years ago / 17 notes #image quotes #submission

soowonkingdom asked "hi..I wanna be a that possible?? :))
can I?? :))"
Posted 4 years ago / 2 notes

Absolutely! Just submit the little survey and I’ll add you to the post :)

Anonymous asked "Hi! I appreciate all the work you put into your posts and for taking requests! I was wondering if you had time, if you could make one that says, " I won't wait around forever." Thanks!"
Posted 4 years ago

Hey :) Aww, it’s my pleasure! And I definitely have a lot of amazing help around here. One of the makers submitted your quote :) Enjoy!

imbornforthis asked "hello! thanks for posting the one that i submitted a while ago! You really made my day! :) Thanks!"
Posted 4 years ago

No problem! Thanks for your fantastic submission :)

thelandofwhatmighthavebeen asked "hello. can i request for an image quote..

" Yes, you're worth it."

I just don't know what image is applicable to that. thanks."
Posted 4 years ago

Maker just submitted it :) Thanks for your request :D

Anonymous asked "im just curious, how do you decide what photos to use? x]"
Posted 4 years ago

Good question, lol :D I’m not really sure, it depends on the quote. Usually I’ll type in one of the words from the quote I want to use and see what images come up :)

theworldilove asked "I saw your post about the requests and wanted to try and submit something for it. I wanted to do one for the quote 'I won't wait around forever.'
But looking through my photography, I couldn't find a picture I thought went well with it that I hadn't already used for another quote & I don't ever use other peoples photography.
I submitted something anyways, But if another featured maker can do a better picture then that's alright <3"
Posted 4 years ago / 1 note

No problem :) I really like the one you submitted! I’m sure the followers will like it too :D Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it!

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