submitted by cookiesandmilkshake

submitted by cookiesandmilkshake

Posted 3 years ago / 17 notes #image quotes #submission

soowonkingdom asked "hi..I wanna be a that possible?? :))
can I?? :))"
Posted 3 years ago / 2 notes

Absolutely! Just submit the little survey and I’ll add you to the post :)

Anonymous asked "Hi! I appreciate all the work you put into your posts and for taking requests! I was wondering if you had time, if you could make one that says, " I won't wait around forever." Thanks!"
Posted 3 years ago

Hey :) Aww, it’s my pleasure! And I definitely have a lot of amazing help around here. One of the makers submitted your quote :) Enjoy!

imbornforthis asked "hello! thanks for posting the one that i submitted a while ago! You really made my day! :) Thanks!"
Posted 3 years ago

No problem! Thanks for your fantastic submission :)

thelandofwhatmighthavebeen asked "hello. can i request for an image quote..

" Yes, you're worth it."

I just don't know what image is applicable to that. thanks."
Posted 3 years ago

Maker just submitted it :) Thanks for your request :D

Anonymous asked "im just curious, how do you decide what photos to use? x]"
Posted 3 years ago

Good question, lol :D I’m not really sure, it depends on the quote. Usually I’ll type in one of the words from the quote I want to use and see what images come up :)

theworldilove asked "I saw your post about the requests and wanted to try and submit something for it. I wanted to do one for the quote 'I won't wait around forever.'
But looking through my photography, I couldn't find a picture I thought went well with it that I hadn't already used for another quote & I don't ever use other peoples photography.
I submitted something anyways, But if another featured maker can do a better picture then that's alright <3"
Posted 3 years ago / 1 note

No problem :) I really like the one you submitted! I’m sure the followers will like it too :D Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it!

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