photo credit: stefani

photo credit: stefani

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photo credit:  FOR3V3RYOURS

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photo credit:  FOR3V3RYOURS

definitelyokayinside asked "Hey. I have noticed you have used one of my photos on here. Though I see you have it linked, I think you should ask before you use anything else from me or anyone else. I am sure people won't mind but it feels better to know the person asked first you know? You can keep my image up. but please in the future ask okay? (: thanks!!!"
Posted 3 years ago

Did I reblog this or get it off of Flickr? :)


if yesterday could only be tomorrow.(meet-me-at-my-window)

if yesterday could only be tomorrow.

horsequotes asked "hey,

I just wanted to say that sorry I haven't posted that much.=( My laptop has ended up breaking again after I just got it back. And it has to go back out again =( I will try and get a few things in when I can, but please don't take me off the Featured Makers. Thanks again. Paula"
Posted 3 years ago

Hey Paula :) Don’t worry about it. Submit whenever is best for you xoxo

my-ditsy-little-world asked "Hey Emily :)
My submissions lately aren't totally awful, are they? I know they're probably in the queue, you did post awhile back that there were heaps in the queue. Just wondering, the submissions did work, didn't they?
Sorry about all the fussing!"
Posted 3 years ago / 1 note

They’re not, sweetie ;) Check around Tuesday morning! xoxo

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